Call for modules, round III micro questionnaire

The Comparative Candidates Survey (CCS) is a joint multi-national project, which collects elite data on candidates running for national parliamentary elections in different countries, using a common core questionnaire to allow for cross-country comparison (

The CCS has been conducted successfully in more than 26 countries since 2007. Based on common core questionnaires, the first round (2007 – 2013) covered 24 countries and 36 elections, while the still running second round (2013 to 2018) already covers 12 countries and 13 elections. CCS is now preparing a third series of candidate surveys. The core questionnaire, to which successful proposals will be added can be found here

CCS Steering Committee therefore opens a call for modules to be included in the CCS round III questionnaire.

Proposals should be no longer than four pages in total and should contain:
- Short abstract of the proposal
- A thorough theoretical foundation for the proposal and how it relates to existing research in the field
- Proposal for question wording (if applicable: a statement highlighting which items of the core questionnaire are part of the proposed module)
- Pre-test documentation (if available)
- A statement regarding applicability to different contexts and/or comparability with other types of datasets.

Proposal can include single questions or short blocks of questions. When proposing questions, keep in mind that space is extremely limited, and that it will not be possible to include a large number of question for each module. It is therefore recommended that proposals indicate which items are of core interest.
Proposals must be submitted electronically to Annika Lindholm ( no later than 6 May 2018.

The Questionnaire Development Committee (QDC), assigned by the CCS Steering Committee, manages the process of developing the new questionnaire. The final decisions on the questionnaire will be taken by the CCS General Assembly that will convene at the ECPR General Conference in Hamburg. The final round III micro as well as a macro questionnaire will be released shortly after and fieldwork will start in 2019. The module 3 is expected to be in the field for 5 years. However, as soon as there is a sufficient number of countries, the available data will be released.

In case of questions regarding the call or the procedure, do not hesitate to contact the chair of the QDC, Åsa von Schoultz (, or any of the other members: Ioannis Andreadis (, Pierre Baudewyns (, Xavier Coller (, André Freire (, Heiko Giebler ( and Anke Daniela Tresch (