Call for modules CCS II micrco questionnaire

The Comparative Candidate Survey (CCS) has been conducted successfully in more than 15 countries in the last five years, with a common core questionnaire. Through this project, high quality comparative elite data of candidates running for parliamentary elections has been collected (see CCS is now preparing a round II questionnaire for a second series of candidate surveys.

CCS therefore opens a call for modules to be included in the CCS round II questionnaires. Proposal for modules should address new questions that allow studying the role of individual candidates in electoral democracies as an intermediary between parties and voters.

Proposals should be no longer than three pages in total and must contain:
- Short abstract of the proposal
- Theoretical foundation of a research question that can be addressed with this questions
- Proposal for question wording

Proposal can include single questions or short blocks of questions. When proposing questions, keep in mind that questionnaire space is extremely limited and it will not be possible to include a large number of question for each module.

Proposals must be submitted electronically to no later than 31 December 2012. The decision on the questionnaire and the inclusion of modules will be taken by the CCS Steering Committee in early 2013. The final round II micro as well as a macro questionnaire will be released shortly after.