Call for proposals - ECPR general conference in Wroclaw

Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw you attention to our Section at the ECPR general conference in Wroclaw, Poland, 4-7 September 2019, Representation beyond Parties: The Role of Political Elites in Weakening and Strengthening Contemporary Democracy. The aim of this Section is to bring together and build a bridge between scholars working on different aspects of the quality and functioning of representative democracy, with a focus on the political elites, political parties and the challenges facing modern democracies. You can view the Section details here: .

We welcome both single paper proposals and proposal of panels with papers. If you are considering to propose a panel we kindly ask you to contact us to discuss ideas.

The deadline for submission is on 18th of February 2019.

Panels with Papers can be submitted here:

Individual Papers can be submitted here:

Kind regards,

Eva H. Önnudóttir
University of Iceland
Heiko Giebler
WZB Berlin Social Science Center