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New dataset from the Comparative Candidate Survey

Dear colleagues,

A first release of the Comparative Candidate Survey (CCS) wave II data has just been published. This version includes data from 13 elections in 12 countries: Albania, Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Romania, Montenegro, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. For details on how to download please read the guidelines at:

Call for Papers and Panels for the 2018 ECPR general conference section: Political Elites and Voters in Electoral Democracies

As you might have seen already, our proposal for a CCS section titled: "Political Elites and Voters in Electoral Democracies" at the 2018 ECPR General Conference, in Hamburg, August 22-25 2018, has been accepted.

The next stage of the process is a call for papers and panels. In the following paragraphs, you can find our section proposal and details about the panels which were included in the proposal. If you are interested in presenting your paper(s) in Hamburg, please send email to the chair(s) of the panel your paper might fit with the following details: